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A Day in Life

“A Day in Life'' is an inquiry on whether or not life exhibits any meaningfulness and significance, and if it doesn’t then what is it? It attempts to capture in a single series, all the variegated conditions that could confer meaning in life. Here, meaning in life is understood as something that makes life worth continuing, something that would give me a reason to wake up every morning and get out of my bed.

I believe that life may or may not be meaningless, but it doesn’t have to be absurd, futile, and not worth living. I do not wish to provide any sort of finality to my answers, and I embrace the incomplete nature that they possess.

Some patches of days in life seem more significant than others. There are times when I feel extremely happy and elevated, and then there are times when all paths seem to be leading nowhere, existence does not seem worthwhile, and it becomes impossible to comprehend what it is like to be happy while realising misery, and vice versa. Life doesn’t accrue meaning from these isolated bits of life, but it is the relationship of these bits with one another which stems meaning. Sometimes I am aware of having been through a similar part in my life but it is always like a hazy dream and thus it exhibits a new face value.

The series of photographs are my discoveries on my journey to find significance and meaning in my life.

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